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I have enjoyed working with That's Normal for over four years. Throughout my time with them, I've learned how to create engaging social media content and how to find my "voice" as a blogger. 

TN Beauty: 5 Beauty Products You Need Right Now

y obsessions are often the most superficial things on the planet. Sprinkles, donuts, make-up, and my dog. So, when I was sitting down to update my personal list of post ideas for That’s Normal, I realized that I have never written about make-up or really any kind of beauty products. That’s all about to change. I’m going to be writing a lot about make-up and beauty products in the coming months but first, I want to start out with five products everyone should have in their life. I’m talking abou

TN Reviews: CBD Products Part One + Giveaway!

Remember when I first wrote about CBD and what it is, what it isn’t, and what to expect with it? No? That’s OK, catch up on that post here. In this edition of WHAT THE HECK IS CBD?! We’re going to review some products. Some of which, I bought with my own money, some of which were given to me by the companies to review, and one product I actually WON! (Just like you can win with our excellent CBD Giveaways! Check out the bottom of this post for more information. But you know, like read the full pos

TN IRL: Parenting Is Hard Part One

You guys, I haven’t written in months (about thirteen of them) and it’s killing me. In December 2016, I got the most shocking Christmas present ever. I got a positive pregnancy test. My husband and I have been married for what feels like a thousand years but is actually just ten. We figured we couldn’t have kids because of several medical issues and because it just didn’t happen. So, imagine our surprise when we had just decided to sell our house, travel around a little bit and then settle down i

Chicago Comic Con: Better Than SDCC?

Unless you were living under a rock, you should be aware of a little convention that happened this summer in San Diego Well, that was in July, by August, I was jonesing for another Comic Con fix. So the bestie and I hopped in the car and road tripped it up to the Windy City for Wizard World’s Chicago Comic Con. This was my second year going to Chicago for Comic Con and the number one question I get asked is: “How does Chicago match up to San Diego?” Comparing the two conventions is like compari